3D Printed Illumination Optics

Printed optics are used to light an object or area to ensure visibility for certain applications, or to enhance the overall ambiance and visibility. Illumination optics (also know as: LED optics) may be applied to several types of light including LED lighting or Fiber light sources, and serve task environments or architectural spaces in different ways.

Various Optics Solutions for Different Needs

The variety of lighting solutions offered allows for compatibility with nearly any lighting requirement. Traditional light sources, such as fluorescent lighting offers excellent, price sensitive lighting options, while LED lighting provides stable, uniform and long-lasting light ideal for many applications. Fiber Optics lighting is directed through light guides.

3D Printed Illumination Optics by Luximprint

In any case, illumination optics create a difference. Luximprint offers a broad range of expertise in fabricating 3D printing illumination optics, either as single items or as lens arrays.

Luximprint optics find their way in numerous applications, mostly as secondary optics. The basic fields of application may include backlights, side lights, ring lights, spotlights, or line lights.

Thanks to various unique process capabilities, the printed optics might be directive (optically smooth), reflective (alu-covered) or diffusive (frosted finishes) and serve functional or protective (anti-glare) purposes.

Luximprint: A gentile Introduction

Hi There! We're Luximprint and we offer Additive Fabrication Services for Inspirational, Functional and Decorative Optical Plastics After the openings of the Luximprint Creative Factory earlier, we're delighted to say that we start to take in meanwhile new research and application projects. To our users in a variety of industries, we now offer fast, [...]



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