Lightly Technologies

Lightly Technologies, a revolutionary Dublin based lighting start-up, was founded back in January 2016 as a reaction to the unfulfilled promise of OLED lighting technology. Lightly is re-defining the concept of ultra-thin, surface light sources and truly enabling a new generation of lighting system design and application.

OLED – Inadequate in Research and Manufacture

OLED pioneered the concept of ultra-thin, surface light sources and the new generation of lighting design that it enabled. However, after almost a decade of R&D into the most technically advanced light source ever conceived, OLED lighting was all but abandoned due to the manufacturing difficulty, and the inadequate performance in light output, efficacy and lifetime when compared to LED.

Founder and mechanical engineer Matt Hanbury personally worked on both OLED lighting and LCD smartphone displays engineering. His realization was that a paradigm shift was needed within the lighting industry, the desire was for an ultra-thin surface light source, not for a light source using OLED technology.

The Power of LED with the Appearance of OLED

By combining his deep knowledge of these two sectors he developed Hikari SQ, Lightly Technologies flagship product: an ultra-thin light source with the appearance and design benefits of OLED lighting, but the superior performance and manufacturing of LED technology.

Image of Hikari SQ Light Modules by Lightly in different color temperatures. Hikari SQ revives the promise of ultra-thin, surface lighting and truly enables a new generation of lighting design.[/caption]

The fixures are available in different Color Temperatures (2,700K / 3,000K and 4,000K) and operate with a broad range of standard available drivers.

Lightly Technologies and Luximprint

Engineering and design of novel lighting systems is changing. The ultra-flat yet powerful Hikari SQ light sources greatly combine with, for example, Luximprint textured surfaces and Optographix.

LPS TIL 2019 Event Preview: What to expect?

LPS TIL 2019 Event Preview In a couple of weeks, the next edition of LED professional Symposium + Expo opens its doors at the world's famous Festspielhaus in Bregenz, Austria, near lake Constance. The venue is located at the borders of Switzerland, Austria, and Germany at the heart of the European Lighting Industry. Alongside LPS, [...]

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Meet us at Surface Design Show 2019 (SDS19)

SDS19: Light, Materials and Design Surfaces From 5-7 February 2019, Luximprint will be present at the Surface Design Show (SDS19) in the Business Design Centre in London, UK. The Surface Design Show is THE show when it comes to discover and experience the latest novelties in the area of (integrated) architectural lighting solutions and surfaces. [...]

LuxLive 2018 Reflections

LuxLive 2018 Reflections - An Event and Exhibit Packed with Exciting New Features and Innovations LuxLive, Europe’s largest annual lighting event, attracted over 7,000 buyers and lighting professionals to its home over the last week. The exhibition featured over 230 big-brand exhibitors and arenas with rolling presentations, debates and demonstrations. The current event was [...]

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Luximprint Optographix: Première at darc room 2018 London

Luximprint Optographix at darc room 2018 - The Lighting Destination of London’s Design Festival With a presence via Lightly Technogies at darc room 2018, London's leading Creative Lighting Exhibition, Luximprint Optographix are proposed for the first time in history to a brand new audience of lighting and interior designers. Proposed and designed by Luminous Concepts and printed by [...]

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