Materials 2018 Veldhoven: Discovery of New Materials and Treatments for Printed Optics

Materials 2018 Veldhoven, The Netherlands, is the trade fair where everything revolves around the role of materials in the success of a product. The Luximprint team joined the show at the NH Conference Centre Koningshof on May 30 in order to optimize and expand its portfolio of products and services and took the opportunity to meet with material specialists, product developers, and engineers.

Materials 2018 Veldhoven: Informative and Inspiring!

With almost 800 visitors, 78 exhibitors and 48 conference lectures, the show finally turned into an inspiring and informative event, currently being in its 6th edition. Some Highlights of Materials 2018 included:

* Inventive Exhibits
* international Meet&Match event
* FREE consult at the ‘Materials Doctor’
* Poster presentations of actual research projects
* Smart Materials Pavilion

Picture of Materials 2018 Veldhoven conference lecture.

A broad range of talks on materials, surfaces, treatments, and measurements was available for the audience of international show visitors.

Meet & Match Event by Enterprise Europe Network Team

In addition, Luximprint took part in the ‘Meet & Match’ session as organized by the Enterprise Europe Network Team and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, in order to establish new relationships with international companies, both from a customer and supplier perspective.

From our perspective, companies in search for rapid prototyping of custom optics, or companies that could act as a supplier or ‘problem-solver’ for any of the activities we deploy were interesting to catch up with, in order to find out whether we could further strengthen the position and availability of printed optics and help them benefit from the unique advantages the process offers for fast and iterative optics design and development!

It’s been an inspiring visit and a great meeting session, and we very much look forward to continue the interesting dialogues in the time to come!