Welcome to our Optics Design Hub!

To maximize your benefits of working with us and to speed up the turnaround of your custom optics project, we have teamed up with various (independently working) optics design partners from around the globe. You will find their skills and profiles behind the logos displayed below. Once the design is finished and approved, either yourself or one of our design partners may contact us to get your part prototyped by using our companies’ additive optics fabrication services.

Please note that the partners in the Optics Design Hub are all highly specialized and experienced in the respective areas they work in. Before reaching out, please ensure their expertise and backgrounds do match with your actual application. To get your next idea turned into reality, you may reach out directly to any of them, or please feel free to ask us for an introduction.

Accredited Luximprint Optics Design Partners:

Trained and Appointed by Luximprint

In fact, you may reach out to any designer around the globe to get your CAD file available, but please note that Luximprint partners are trained and accredited to work with us. They are used with the design guidelines and printing capabilities of our platforms and will design your required optical solutions accordingly, while taking into consideration the final production tooling requirements.

Become a Luximprint Optics Design Partner

Interested to become an optical design partner? Please submit us your curriculum vitae for review.
Prefer to get introduced to our designers through a personal mention? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!