Expedite Prototyping for Custom Optics

It frequently appears: all is set for your next great customer event or trade show launch and it occurs that the most critical part of the set – your functional optics – does not arrive in time or meet your expectations. Our dedicated sales engineering team is used to handle it, we’re here to help you out with our ‘Expedite Prototyping’ services for custom optics!

Time Sensitive Fabrication and Urgent Deliveries

The Luximprint additive optics fabrication process is initially developed for Rapid Prototyping of custom optics. Our standard lead times are short and, generally, they outperform conventional fabrication processes when it comes to fast, flexible and cost-effective prototyping of inspirational and functional optics prototypes.

However, once our standard lead times (10 business days) are not fast enough, we owe the speed to get your parts available faster by using our Expedite Prototyping Services. There are various options to get the turnaround time shortened, and concessions (e.g. in design or print resolution) can be done to influence and speed up the workflow, both from an optically functional and visible/aesthetical way. Together with you and your team, we will evaluate and determine the best possible options and advise on the most convenient way forward, while keeping a strong eye on your nearing deadline.

Terms and Conditions for Expedite Optics Prototyping

On top of our standard terms, special conditions and tariffs may apply in case of project urgencies. Please contact us to learn about the possibilities and requirements for urgent deliveries.

Whether we can offer you our support depends on:

  1. 3D Printing Platform Occupation – The number of running jobs at the time of contact may or may not impact for intake of your urgent project.
  2. Printability of your Part – Please make sure you have taken notice of our ‘Design Guidelines’ and ‘Material Specifications’ in order to ensure your part is matching with our platform specifications. Both documents are available on demand, please contact our Sales Engineers to obtain them.
  3. Reasonability of required Lead Time  – We love your challenge, but there are simply scenarios that go ‘beyond reality’…
  4. Location around the Globe – Proper accessibility for forwarders is key to guarantee also a fast logistical journey!
  5. Budgets and Internal support – we’re not expensive, but our team gets rewarded for their extraordinary performances in a fair and honest way! At Luximprint, you can buy ‘time’ in addition – i.e. a preferred position in the order queue!

Please make sure you have considered our Printing Capabilities before reaching out. In case of any doubt on do-ability, please get in touch with us immediately. At Luximprint, we don’t like saying “no”, there is always a way to work around the challenges we face!

No time to read this full story? Then we Match!

Please get in touch with our sales engineers directly via the contact form, or give us a ring directly to learn if and how we can help you out!