The powerful combination of advanced ‘target-to-source’ optics design software combined with speedy Luximprint optical 3D printing methodologies ensures the availability of a tailored light distribution pattern in days.

The revolutionary concept offers ‘Light Where Needed’ and is extremely powerful in its kind, enabling designers with light to approach their projects in a totally different way!


Additive manufacturing of Facet Lenses: complexity for free, with tailored optics available in days.

Facet Lenses have, contrary to traditional LED lighting lenses, the ability of deliver an illumination pattern of choice at the exact spot on the target surface to be lit. Powered by a multitude of complex tiny lens features, in fact functioning as tiny individual ‘pocket lights’, Facet Lenses redirect the available light rays to their intended target destination pattern.

Rather than ‘washing’ a given surface or façade with uniform flood light or a more targeted spotlight, Facet Lenses enable a perfect alignment with the object or façade to be illuminated. Objects, such as windows and doors, can be easily excluded from the light scheme, or just receive a brighter illuminance. No matter you speak interior or exterior applications, small objects such as paintings and art, or large objects such as statues and buildings, Facet lenses are a perfect fit for purpose.

In the end, a significant reduction of the lumen per watt ratio can be achieved while eliminating harmful and unnecessary light losses along with the deliverance of an even more beautiful light scheme.

Image of Highlight Delft Demonstrator showing performance of 3D printed facet lenses with button set-up

Benefits of 3D Printed Optics

* Enhanced light Control:
Any available light ray can be (re)programmed to its intended spot at the target surface. As such, any beam shape can be generated and controlled;

* Minimal waste of light: by redirecting ‘obsolete’ light rays ensures 100% of the available light (after material transmission losses) gets used. Contrary to Gobo projections, where a large majority of the light gets masked off, Facet lenses deliver an optimal light performance with minimal losses;

* Elimination of uncontrollable straylight: effective distribution of light to the intended target surface only, ensures no light gets ‘wasted in the dark’;

* Elimination of harmful glare: seen from the target surface, practically no light reaches to undefined areas refraining light from trespassing. Openings, such as doors and windows can now be perfectly excluded from the light design scheme.

* New Design Approaches: Optical 3D printing and Faceted Lens Software combined offers new ways of approaching optics and lighting design;

Complexity is Free

In additive manufacturing, complexity is not as critical as it might be perceived with traditional manufacturing methods. Using conventional approaches, such as milling or turning, more complicated textures generally result in less cost-efficient and time-consuming solutions. Optical 3D printing addresses the required complexity with the flexibility and speed of easy lens shapes.

Multi-Lens-like Performance

One single Facet lens can be used to illuminate several objects. Also, adding different accents to a single application is possible. No matter whether you speak shapes, typography, caustics, or textures, light is here for you!

Image of Interactivist Designer Chris Kievid for Testimonials box facet lenses

“The rapid on-demand ordering of custom Facet Lenses tailored to our specific project needs, along with the great process flexibility attached to it, enable us to generate our functional event and customer demonstrators at a rapid pace”.

Chris Kievid, Founder & Experience Designer (XD), Interactivist.Design

“Printed Facet lenses open up interesting new ways for white Light Beam Shaping. The new Optical Component reshapes a Collimated Light Beam by Faceted Elements and generates, in fact, any desired light pattern of choice”.

Manuel Flury, INSA Strasbourg, Strasbourg University

3D Printing Colored Facet Lenses

Why use lenses AND filters if colors can be easily integrated into one and the same lens design? Pick and choose the exact color or gradient you need, and combine it with the correct facet lens structure for a smooth performance!

Image of 3D printed Facet lens showing directional arrows illuminated by a green LED for safety signalling.
Picture of green fresnel lens array - 3D printed onto frosted surface finish

Reference Application Cases

Explore how our users have successfully applied 3D Printed Facet Lenses in real life applications, events or applied research:

Additional explanations you can find at the Facet Lens Technology pages while impressions of 3D printed facet lenses wait for you in the ‘Printed Optics Gallery’.