Optographix are new 3D printed media for designers and artists, introduced by Luximprint. Thanks to its great translucent properties, this new tool can be used to utilize the power of natural daylight or artificial backlighting to illuminate a particular message, image or light artwork. Optographix – printed in small or large format – may incorporate color images, company logo’s, advertisements, textures, and any personalized design features that are used to bring imaginary or text messages closer to the world around us. 


Invented and fabricated in The Netherlands, ‘Optographix’ are available on a global scale. Here is why Luximprint technology is so interesting…

Like textured surfaces, creating ‘one-of-a-kind’ digital art- and design work is a nightmare, especially when it comes to large patterned surfaces. Huge upfront investments in production tooling are a limitation for the availability of ‘one-off products’, resulting that many products look the same. Especially, when quantities are ‘just one’ or limited to ‘only a few’, the commercial viability is low and amortization of tooling will never be possible. However, Luximprint opens up a new way of getting large(r) surfaces fabricated, in custom made design AND full-color execution! Optographix technology can facilitate the making of ‘one-off products’ in a fast and cost-effective way. Our digital, large format 3D print platforms enable large sheet printing, thus generating a new space for translucent large format art- and designwork.

Picture of colorful rings on lamp shade created by Luximprint Optographix Technology

Optographix Design and Applications

Supported and advised by the Optographix designteam at Luximprint, any designer can now work-out their concepts and get them fabricated in a fast and cost-effective way. Optographix printing technology can be applied to small and large sized items, ranging from premium Optographix Business Cards, to Optographix Awards, Optographix Bottle labels to more significant plates such as Optographix Light Art works or Optographix Stained Glass Replica’s.

At Luximprint, we believe in mass-customization and creatively support and love to see new design work come to life. We are always keen to learn about new ideas, applications and inventions!

Picture of branded stained glass film produced for Luxexcel Group


‘Optographix’ are used in a broad range of temporary high-end market applications in indoor environments. Typical applications include:

  • Digital Art: Visual Artists can now visualize their (digital) artwork. Where it was hard (or even impossible) in the past to realize ‘one-offs’ for exhibitions or art collections, artists can now turn their digital 3D art into real life expressions;
  • Interior Design: Interior Designers can take benefit of Luximprint technology to enricht office or public spaces with stand-alone or integrated Optographix surfaces;
  • Stand Building: Any graphic design, including images or custom designs, can be printed to demand to enrich exhibition spaces and empower brand awareness;
  • Signmaking: Signmakers can add a next value to their concepts and have a new way to differentiate in a highly-competitive market space;
  • Communication Agencies: Working for any of the industries above, or for the end-user directly, communication agencies have a new media tool to offer to their valued relations to support their brand identity and campaigns;
  • Any other business-to-business firm looking for high-value products for supporting or enriching their campaigns or temporary applications.

Luximprint Optographix enable me to bring my digital artworks to life! I am VERY impressed by the possibilities, and delighted about the arrival of this new fabrication technology. There’s been no way before to do this and I can’t wait converting my full digital collection into toucheable artworks!

Digital Artist, Dutch Visual Artist

I have never realized before that it would be possible one day to have large transparent surfaces printed to demand. The arrival of Optographix Technology opens up a new design space for illuminated artworks. I am very excited about this!

Visual Light Artist, US based Art Collective
Picture of 3D printed pebbles artwork by Luximprint

Colorful Stained Glass Replicas

Stained Glass Replicas are some of the greatest examples of how Optographix technology can be used to add value to public spaces and exhibitions. It opens up a new way of design with capabilities that were never available before. And please note: We’re not aiming to compete with traditional craftsman, nor take-over their business, we’re just opening up a new designer space from a 21st century perspective!

Picture of Stained Glass Tulips_Made in Holland

Made in Holland – Globally Available!

Optographix Technology is brought to you by Luximprint. Invented and fabricated in The Netherlands, Luximprint products are available around the globe!

Availability and Design

Let us empower you to be creative and get your parts printed by Optographix Technology. Refer to our inspiration corner to learn about others’ work, or contact us directly to learn how we can maximize your exposure!

Picture of Luximprint Optographix surface