The New Luximprint Sample Shop is Open

Working with new technology always raises questions and uncertainties for potential users. Where is this technology leading us to? How is development progressing over time? Is it better or worse than conventional set-ups? Can they make their promises come true? We’ve been indicating for a while that a special sample shop would open to ease the process of ordering standard reference samples. It is therefore with great pleasure that we can announce the opening of the online ‘Luximprint Sample Shop’!

Luximprint Reference Samples

At Luximprint, we are not afraid of sharing our capabilities with you. We strongly believe that this open attitude contributes to better management of customer expectations. For this purpose, we have developed a range of standard samples representing some of the most common products we 3D print in the area of functional printed optics, colorfully designed Optographix, Frosted Finishes, reflective surfaces and printed reflectors, or our highly complicated textured surfaces.

Here’s how it looks like:

Image to demonstrate the new Luximprint Sample Shop online

Did we raise your interest? Please pay a visit to our online sample shop and order the parts of your choice! With global delivery in days, you may expect the parts on your desk shortly.

Custom Samples

Not found what you are looking for? Or looking for a custom product sample instead? Please don’t be afraid to contact us, we have special conditions in place for test sampling.

Thanks for your interest, we look forward to impressing you and to support you on your next project soon!