3D Printed OptoPatterns V3 Sample

The ‘Luximprint OptoPatterns V3’ sample basically replaces the previous #1 and #2 versions of the textured surface samples. This latest version comes with even greater and more impressive details, and has proven to be of great help for designers and engineers of novel textures.

Design and Develop Novel Textures and Patterns

The sample aims to inspire engineers and designers in charge of developing novel wall panels, fabrics, textured and decorative glass panels, embossed sheets, etc. regarding their next product developments.

Apart from a great inspirational piece, the Luximprint OptoPatterns V3 sample is also an interesting piece to empower the functional prototyping and physical manufacturing process.

Tooling and Design Validation

The level of detail achieved by the Luximprint Additive Optics Fabrication process may provide at the one hand designers of novel patterns valuable input to optimize their digitally designed patterns for manufacture.

At the other hand, it will help engineers to even understand the expected tooling outcomes in better detail. Having a preliminary sample at hand during your product meetings, marketing speeches or event launches is extremely powerful and convincing and helps to understand the requirements and limitations for costly- and time-consuming manufacturing tooling even better!

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales Engineering Team once you want to proceed in making your custom optics texture with us.