3D Printed Optopatterns V1 Sample

Luximprint ‘OptoPatterns’ are great examples of how complicated optical surface textures can be processed. In optical 3D printing, complexity doesn’t exist: highly complicated surface textures can be processed as simple as easy ones. The OptoPatterns V1 Sample will help you understand the capabilities of the additive optics fabrication process for these particular textures in more detail.

The OptoPatterns V1 sample includes four different optical patterns. The small surfaces are representative for large format plates that may go well beyond 600*600mm in size.

For more information about 3D printing of optical textures and patterns, please refer to the ‘Textured Surfaces‘ product page. There is another Optopatterns sample available called ‘Optopatterns V2‘ featuring other types of textures.

-> Finally, the initial OptoPatterns Samples #1 and #2 were replaced by the newly designed ‘OptoPatterns V3‘ sample.

Custom Samples

To have your custom optical pattern 3D printed, please contact the Luximprint Sales Engineering team.