Optographix Demonstrator Kit ‘Flower’

Create one of a kind architectural masterpieces with optically 3D printed ‘Flowers’. The unique combination of 3D printed optical Flowers, Dichroic application film and ultra-thin LED backlight panels turn this demonstrator in a vivid, appealing instrument for anyone working and designing with light.

Optical Flowers Demonstrator Kit

The demonstrator kit is a fabulous and affordable tool to get introduced to the capabilities of optical 3D printing for optical graphics. It perfectly aligns with the ‘Butterfly’ demonstration kit that you can find elsewhere in this sample shop.

The optically 3D printed flowers appear to change color through refraction when viewed at various angles which turns it into a living object. Add to that the breaking of the various refractive indices of the optical materials.

The part is an absolute ‘must-have’ for anyone designing experiences with light!

Package contents:

1x LED Driver
2x LED light panel / 3,300K (100*100 mm)
2x Wago connectors for safe connection
2x Applied Dichroic Film (3M Chill + 3M Blaze)
2x Optical 3D prints ‘Flower’ (random design)
1x Power Plug EU*

*) Power plugs for other territories are available on request.

The 3M  “Blaze” and “Chill” Dichroic films shift colors in the cool tones of blue/magenta/yellow in transmission and gold/green/blue color regions of the spectrum in reflection.

Elsewhere on the website, you can learn how others applied this novel concept to generate an experiential Chandelier.