3D Printed Micro-Optics Combi Sample

The Luximprint Micro-Optics Combi Sample is maybe the best composition of tiny lens features we have ever provided that is excellent for understanding the capabilities of the Luximprint additive optics fabrication process.

The sample contains a total of five different lens textures, including:

Hexagonal lenses: An array of seven spherical hexagonal lenses (center texture)
Linear lenses: a gradient of various prismatic and lenticular lens features (top texture)
Microlenses: a gradient of micro-lenses with deviations in orientation, density, and size (left texture).
Pyramid lenses: An array of pyramidical lenses (right texture)
Frosted Finish: Substrate covered with a rough finish (‘wanted roughness’).

For the latter texture, we can also recommend you our ‘Frosted Finishes Sample‘ that provides a total of eight defined frosted textures in more detail.