3D Printed Micro Lens Grid

Luximprint can 3D print a wide variety of customized or custom-designed micro-optical elements such as lens arrays, micro-lenses and free-form elements for application onto chip surfaces, laser facets, and optical fibers. The 3D printed Micro Lens Grid perfectly demonstrates how the additive optics fabrication works out for various microlens features.

On the contrary to 3D printed textures, printed microstructures do have an optical function. Printed micro-optics are an excellent tool to speed-up your development cycle and improve or validate your concepts.

The Micro Lens Grid includes four different patterns:

▪ Pyramid array: Diagonal arranged, 3D printed pyramidical lenses (top left);
▪ Micro-lens array:
Diagonally arranged spherical micro-lenses (bottom left);
▪ Freeform array: Faceted arrangement of various lenslets with freeform effect (top right);
▪ Custom array: Composition of letters, shapes and dikes in order to determine the fine optical details of the Luximprint process.