IDL Optographix Sample

The annually celebrated International Day of Light consists of coordinated activities related to light and light-based technologies on national, regional and international levels. Activities are be planned so help people of all ages and backgrounds experience the beauty of light and appreciate the central role of light in science and culture, and as a cross-cutting scientific discipline that can advance sustainable development.

IDL Optographix: An Ode to the International Day of Light

In support of the theme and to demonstrate the capabilities of its Additive Optics Fabrication process, we utilized the IDL logo to create some translucent colorful imagery of the logo 3D printed with an optical grade color material on a translucent sheet. It is a fantastic tool to discover the capabilities of the Luximprint optical 3D printing process for branding and interior design purposes.

More integrated solutions are available soon via our affiliated design partner Luminous Concepts.

Note: Please note that this IDL Optographix sample is purely marketed for demonstration purposes of Luximprint Optographix technology, not for commercial gain. The IDL Logo is initially designed by SPIE as a promotion for the use of light and light-based technologies.

The logo of the International Day of Light by SPIE