Project Description

Microscopic Imitations by Studio Lilian van Daal

Product designer Lilian van Daal bridges with her work the natural and the artificial – or designed – world. She experiments with innovative technologies and materials in order to meticulously mimic nature. With the resulting objects, she aspires to reveal nature’s rich library of solutions. The emphasis is on the imitation and adjustment of structures to optimize production methods in a sustainable way.

3D Printed Micro-Optics

The microscopic world reveals a spectacular universe of form and color we never notice or have access to. It’s not simply striking to look at, it’s also proof that the invisible, relentless hand of our Creator is responsible for the seemingly infinite variety of life forms and functionalities on our planet.

Microscopic Imitations

Under the project umbrella ‘Microscopic Imitations – Infinitive Reflections’ the potential of natural light phenomena in microscopic structures of organisms and convert them into efficient, functional light objects was investigated. With this, Studio Lilian van Daal wants to cultivate more appreciation for nature among the general public. In addition, but also create impact and awareness within the lighting industry and optimize lighting design and their production processes.

This research was done with support of the Dutch Stimuleringsfonds. It is a prelude of the parallel project ‘Infinite Reflections‘, a follow-up study finished in 2021.

(The final results of the study remain undisclosed for confidentiality reasons)


Collaboration: Luximprint
Concept and design: Lilian van Daal