resOptica Technologies

resOptica Technologies is an innovative enterprise in Western Canada that provides optical design consulting services. We offer our versatile experience in miniature optics for 3D interactivity and webcam conferencing, semiconductor and life science optics, hyperspectral imaging, design skills of auxiliary non-imaging concentrators for PV & solar thermal energy harvesting.

Imaging and Non-imaging Optical System Development

We design both imaging and non-imaging optical systems and would guide you to successful product launch and into production, resolve manufacturing issues as they arise, and generate IP for you down this road. Our knowledge of traditional methods of manufacturing, injection molding, glass molding, and new additive manufacturing processes would be your great asset in cost reduction and optimal manufacturing selections.

resOptica: Exceptionally Dynamic and Goal Oriented

resOptica is an exceptionally dynamic company that partners with goal-oriented customers to enable their growth in a unique and collaborative way.

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