Physionary | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Physionary has created LED lighting products since 2006, being part of multiple complete product development processes in different areas of LED lighting design. Along the way, they set up a light measurement laboratory and developed custom led optics for mass-produced residential lighting, outdoor lighting, street lighting, horticultural lighting, and more.

Light The Way you Want It

Light plays a crucial role in all aspects of architectural design. Whether it is purely functional or uniquely aesthetic, you want to be in control of what direction the light goes. By combining established LED lighting technology with in-house written optics design software, Physionary provides you with full control over the light distribution in your project.

Proprietary Optics Design Software

Because Physionary created its own optics design software, they are highly flexible and able to produce unique state-of-the-art results. A combined 15 years of experience in LED product development gives the enthusiast team the ability to create the unique edge for your custom projects. Developing their own software and writing their own code has always enabled them to make highly tailored products that do exactly what the user wants!

Let Physionary put their experience to work for you, allowing you to determine where you want your light to shine. They’ll do the math for you!

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