Project Description

Luminous Concepts – Lightly Technologies Optographix Event Display

For Luminous Concepts, a Dutch creative lighting design and concept engineering firm and Lightly Technologies, a (r)evolutionary Dublin based lighting start-up, Luximprint prepared a variety of decorative Display Panels to demonstrate the capabilities of ‘Optographix’ for branding and interior design. In addition, the panels, smoothly integrated into multiple wall and counter displays, demonstrate the application possibilities of Lightly LED panels, most notable the ultra-flatness, color conformity and ease of mounting. The displays proudly served as ‘Attention Getter’ at various major European lighting design and engineering shows during the fall of 2018. 


Lightly Technologies and Luximprint, two young inventive lighting market players, both acting at the wavefront of novel technology, were in need for a display tool that highlighted their novel concepts and capabilities in a luminous and interactive way.

Hikari SQ LED panels by Lightly.Tech

For Lightly Technologies, the capabilities of their unique ‘Hikari SQ‘ LED panels should be demonstrated. Hikari SQ is an ultra-thin LED light source module that enables luminaire manufacturers and lighting designers to create exceptional experiences with light. The ultra-flat, high-uniformity panels are excellent for use as backlight illumination. Especially, when a high uniformity and CRI are needed in luminaire design, the panels fulfill a market demand for ultra-flat and easy to install lighting that was impossible to address before.

Optographix by Luximprint

Luximprint, on its turn, is actively pushing its ‘Optographix‘ 3D printing technology across a variety of markets and applications. Lighting and interior design, a major target group, remained untouched for a while. The LED professional Symposium show in Bregenz, Austria, along with the Trends in Lighting 2018 was a great springboard to reach out to the creative end of the European lighting industry.

Images of LPS 2018 display including Delfts Blauw tile art and Lumiconcepts Hummingbird

Dutch Flavors – Some specialty designs we’ve been creating for Luminous Concepts.

Luminous Concepts – Illuminating Brands and Spaces

Luminous Concepts, finally, brought the bits and pieces together in a nicely designed wall- and counter display, illuminating the exciting possibilities of branding with light while using a novel build block for lighting fixture design.

The Challenge

Luximprint reached out to Luminous Concepts to gain creative, design and assembly support in bringing the various lighting technologies together in an attractive manner. Key for the display concept would be to demonstrate the capabilities with Luximprint’s Optographix printing skills, brought to live by using novel lighting technology as proposed by Lightly Technologies.

The timeline for the shows was tight, and a parallel engineering track had to be followed for Lightly, as it was their strongest intention to use Luximprint Optographix to promote their (r)evolutionary LED light panels at some major lighting design shows, running just a few short weeks after the initial design brief. Speed and flexibility were key in this dynamic project.

Image of Lightly Display by Luminous Concepts display and Luximprint. Photography: Gavriil Papadiotis / GavriiLux

The Solution

Upon the input of the Luminous Concepts designers, a variety of decorative display panels were finished and printed by Luximprint. Some stylish frameworks were designed, then printed and assembled. Appearing both as a wall version and a tabletop/counter version, for multi-sided use. Each of them features a unique process capability by adding optical properties for functional light guiding or decorative translucency.

Image of Luximprint Optographix and Lightly Founder Matt Hanbury

Ultra-thin Hikari SQ LED panels greatly combine with 3D printed Optographix from Luximprint. Image by Gavriil Papadiotis / Gavriilux.

Optographix for Lighting Design and Art

Luximprint finally provided a total of nearly twenty Optographix display panels for the wall display, and another batch including four decorative panels for a matching counter display. All panels were seamlessly integrated in an alu-composite sheet and foreseen with either pendant display cords or alu display feets for mounting and stability.

For an optimal user experience, the wall display was foreseen with controllable LED dimmers that could be adjusted to the right mood using a Casambi mobile App connected to state-of-the-art driver technology.


Unique Project Features

Focus areas in concept development included, among other process benefits:

  • Light Blocking / Guiding: Demonstration of a selection of light guiding/light blocking capabilities for system design and engineering by integrating white reflective and/or black masking layers;
  • Light Art: Highlight Optographix for a new generation of functional and inspirational ‘Light Art’;
  • Branding with Light: Using Optographix technology as ‘enhancement’ of promotions and brand expressions;
  • Customization: Optographix technology is a great new way to tailor brand and product expressions. Adding optical patterns and features to full-color typography and designs bring surfaces to life and literally illuminates the brand message.

In addition, manufacturing speed, customization and one-off fabrication were unique USP’s that brought the displays finally to life. All in just a matter of days!

Lighting Events 2018

The displays incorporating novel Luximprint Optographix Technology are traveling throughout Europe until the end of 2018, before they return to the Luximprint Creative Factories. They will be found on a number of lighting design and engineering shows, including darc room London, LED professional Conference + Expo, Trends in Lighting, LuxLive and darc night, where either Luximprint or Lightly will have a presence.