Unique Technical Solutions for Challenging Problems

In the multidisciplinary field of optics, Helbling offers you unique technical solutions for challenging problems. Embedded in Helbling’s entire service portfolio, we combine specialist knowledge and extensive experience in the field of optics development.

Optical system development

Together with our customers, we develop customized optical systems, components, and assemblies for various applications. We always attach great importance to the consideration of an entire system, and we consider equally the technical and economic feasibility of the proposed solutions. We integrate different core disciplines such as optics, mechanical & opto-mechanical design, opto-electronics, analog & digital electronics, data processing, embedded software and quality management. Helbling is compliant with ISO 13485, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.

Optical design and laboratory infrastructure

Regarding the modeling, dimensioning, simulation, and optimization of imaging and non-imaging optical systems, we have expertise in a wide range of applications, such as illumination optics, light guides, beam shaping optics, plastic optics, micro-optics and diffractive optics. We use modern design tools, such as ZEMAX OpticStudio, LightTools, and Code V, for modeling and simulating optical systems. These are complemented by different proprietary development tools and tool chains. Our high-quality laboratory infrastructure enables us to implement and comprehensively characterize and test the performance attributes of demonstrators, functional models, and prototypes in experiments.

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