Bright Idea Works GmbH | Eglisau, CH

Bright Idea Works GmbH is a Swiss based engineering company specialized in lighting technology and optical design. With far reaching experience, skills and the necessary software tools, BIW designs and optimizes the optical parts and systems of your lighting and renewable energy products.

BIW, headed by Daniel Aeschlimann and Thomas Burger, helps you to find the ideal solution for your particular application and can also support you with thermal calculation and simulation, electrical and mechanical design works and testing of your products.
Although their primary skills might be in lighting and solor industries, thanks to a proven history their track record goes well beyond these areas and finds its origin in machinebuilding, automotive technology, consumer goods, and finally any application where no specialists can be selected for!

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Contact Daniel Aeschlimann directly via the form below or feel free to ask us for an introduction alternatively.