Printed Optics by Disney Research: 3D Printing of Embedded Optical Elements for Interactive Devices

Back in 2012, researchers at Disney explored the possibilities for this vision afforded by the additive fabrication of custom optical elements using 3D printing technology. Karl Willis, Ivan Poupyrev, Eric Brockmeyer of Disney Research and Scott Hudson from Carnegie Mellon University published their findings in the paper ‘Printed Optics: 3D Printing of Embedded Optical Elements for Interactive Devices’.

Printed Optics for Interactive Devices

In the studies, an approach to 3D printing custom optics for interactive devices labeled Printed Optics was presented. 3D printed optics enable sensing, display, and illumination elements to be directly embedded in the casing or mechanical structure of an interactive device.

Using these elements, unique display surfaces, novel illumination techniques, custom optical sensors, and embedded optoelectronic components can be digitally fabricated for rapid, high fidelity, highly customized interactive devices. Printed Optics is part of the long-term vision of Disney Research for interactive devices that are 3D printed in their entirety. In the paper, the possibilities for this vision afforded by the fabrication of custom optical elements using today’s 3D printing technologies was explored.

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