‘SPOT ON!’ Designer Series: A deeper Intro to Luximprint’s Affiliated Optics Design Partners

At Luximprint, the sole focus has always been on offering our proprietary printing services for rapid prototyping of Custom Optics and Optographix. Optics design services, as often required by our users, are facilitated via our Optics Design Hub to ensure a ‘one-stop-shopping’ opportunity for users in need of custom parts. The Design Hub features a selection of independent and highly skilled design professionals from around the globe to enable local support. Any of them educated and trained by us to design conforms to our optical 3D printing guidelines. As such, we ensure a proper processing in both additive optics fabrication and, if applicable, follow-up fabrication methodologies.

Luximprint Optics Design Hub

The Luximprint Optics Design Hub features a selection of highly motivated, independent design professionals with a background in a specific industry or industry sector. The main purpose of the Hub is to enable our users that lack the internal resources, expertise of funding for in-house optics design, to source their new product designs efficiently.

Thanks to the diverse skills any of our design partners bring to the table, we can encounter the most challenging demands of our users. At the same time, we avoid overlapping or conflicting situations in their approaches, as any of them shines out in a different application field. As such, we ensure a certain ‘protective quality edge’ to avoid internal competition, as the outcome of that could only result in a quality loss of work.

Introduction Image for Luximprint 'SPOT ON!' Optics Designer Series

‘SPOT ON!’ Designer Series

In the new ‘SPOT ON!’ Series, we’re exploring the backgrounds, expertise and future perspectives from any of our affiliated designers. For a moment, we’re providing them with a platform to ‘speak-out’, as most of their work is behind the scenes, working on worlds’ most advanced technical innovations for world-class customers.

In a deeper Q&A session, the Luximprint team engages with the key contacts of the connected design agency and allow them to share their views about the scope of the current cooperations and expectations for the time to come.
We’re keen to share with you their passion for what they do, and discover why it is they love working with printed optics so much.

Soon, we’re kicking of the series with our ‘oldest’ generation of design partners, from which many have been serving us for nearly for a decade.

Please stay tuned, the first designer interviews are about to be published!