Entrepreneurial Collective MKB Wemeldinge to Visit Luximprint 

Earlier this week, we spent some quality time with an interesting group of local entrepreneurs, with backgrounds in a variety of markets. MKB Wemeldinge, a collective of local entrepreneurial spirits, paid the Luximprint Creative Factories a visit to learn about the activities of our ‘different’ company. It turned out to be an inspiring and interesting network event!

Act Global – Source Local

Different in its class, Luximprint inspired the entrepreneurs with its solutions in 3D printed optics and Optographix. For a broad variety of markets, Luximprint offers optically smooth yet functional optical and decorative plastics. Our products find their way in a broad range of lighting applications, mainly in general lighting, automotive, medical and aviation industries.

Tourism vs. Technology

Traditionally, the community of Wemeldinge is very tourist-oriented, quite different from a global acting and technology-driven company like Luximprint. Connecting to an audience of local entrepreneurs however contributes to creating a healthy and living community, and underlines our commitment to an ‘act-global-source-local’ purchase strategy.

Rapidly Serving a Small World

From our location at a new industrial area, users around the globe can be served with rapid optics prototypes in days using fast and flexible forwarders. With our optical 3D printing technology and services up to speed, there is no need to relocate to high-tech conglomerations. We value any day the creativity the silence offers us, as it brings for the very best quality in processing and innovation.

We thank MKB Wemeldinge for the visit and look forward to keep growing a passionate and livable entrepreneurial community together in the time to come!