Summer Program Wemeldinge 2019 is Online

Here’s another small, off-topic blog post, to show our commitment with the local entrepreneurial community and nature preservation. The official brochure ‘Summer Program Wemeldinge’ is out now, containing lots of interesting activities for this summer period. As a touristic hot-spot, the entrepreneurial Wemeldinge community offers an active program all summer long. We thought it would be good to share it with our fellows, both business relations, friends and family!

Sunflower Fresnel Lens

At Luximprint, we’re proud one of our ‘Sunflower Fresnel Lens’ images made it to the cover of the new program by MKB Wemeldinge this year. Interestingly, the Sunflower Fresnel Lens as pictured on the cover is a very best match: The lens – looking like the inner center of a sunflower, captures the light by any of its facets and redirects the individual light rays into a given position. If you are interested, you can read more about Faceted Lens Technology here.

Image of Luximprint Fresnel Sunflower Lens at Summer Program Wemeldinge 2019 Cover

Luximprint Fresnel Sunflower Lens during sunrise.

Spent your Holiday with us!

In case you consider a relaxing holiday break to unwind and reload, and have wind, water, and sunshine play a key role, we greatly recommend you a stay in Wemeldinge. Located alongside the largest National Park of the Netherlands, Nationaal Park Oosterschelde,  by the power of the tides there is always something to do. Under and on water, in the dunes, on beaches and along the dike.

And please, don’t be afraid to talk back or ask the Luximprint team for further recommendations or suggestions!

Here’s the online program:

Enjoy the Summer Time!