Hi There! We’re Luximprint and we offer Additive Fabrication Services for Inspirational, Functional and Decorative Optical Plastics

After the openings of the Luximprint Creative Factory earlier, we’re delighted to say that we start to take in meanwhile new research and application projects. To our users in a variety of industries, we now offer fast, flexible and cost-effective ways of getting their new illumination concepts work. Or to help them impress others by their work. To help you understand even better what we do, here’s a brief recap of our products, services and markets.

Our Business Model

So, let’s be straight and open. What does Luximprint stand for? Here’s a brief explanation of how we arranged our company and services:

Picture of Luximprint Prototyping Service for Optical Plastics


At Luximprint, we provide ‘Additive-Manufacturing-as-a-Service’ (MaaS) for inspirational, optical and decorative 3D printed optical plastics. Our core expertise is 3D printing technical plastics in a flexible and cost-effective way, enabled by the unique capabilities our 3D printing platforms use to offer. Above all, we aim to do it fast. Our (standard) lead time of 10 business days outperforms most of the conventional fabrication technologies. And if ‘fast’ is not fast enough, we have our ‘Expedite Prototyping Services’ available to help you win your next project or have your show presentation readily available!

Picture of Optics John Optics Design and Raytracing for Luximprint

Illumination Optics Design

Most of our users supply us with a CAD file including their own optics design. For those who don’t have the required design skills, or simply miss the funds to hire ‘expensive’ optics design software licenses, we are well under way with a new solution: our Optics Design Hub. We’re gathering and training an international group of independant (!) optics design professionals with far-going design expertise in various fields of designing illumination optics. More to follow soon!

Picture of Luximprint Researcher conducting a Feasibility Study

Feasibility and Research Studies

We believe the future will be vastly different from today! With limited number of partners, we have multiple feasibility studies and research cooperations in place. Together with them we work on (funded) projects that contribute to a better and brighter future for all of us. Luximprint technology has an enormous potential and will open up doors to new product development and applications.

Checking the feasibility of a particular project, by the way, is always possible without further commitments.

Image of Light Art created by Luximprint One-Off Fabrication Services

One-Off Fabrication / Start-Up Series

Once your initial prototype is validated, or there is simply ‘just one’ product to create, we take your project to a next level by running (small) start-up series, starting at 1 (there is no minimum order quantity).

In addition, to digital artists and light artists, we offer ‘limited series’ fabrication, where for commercial applications we may be able to help our users getting up to speed by offering small series fabrication (in ‘tens’ or ‘hundreds’ of pieces).

Our Valued Users

Our users – including start-ups, SME’s and world leaders – have their backgrounds in a large diversity of industries: General lighting, automotive, medical and aerospace/aviation and defense/security, just to name a few. Surprisingly, they all share one ‘frustration”: how can we get inspirational or functional optical prototypes available in a fast and cost-effective way? Without huge upfront time and money losses and extraordinary tooling investments?

From ‘Frustration’ to ‘Innovation’: Overcome your Design Frustrations in todays Development Processes with Luximprint”

At Luximprint, we try to overcome the bottlenecks in traditional manufacturing processes and take out the ‘angle’ from the design and development process. It is our passion to support our users on inspiring projects by giving them access to the benefits of our unique additive fabrication services. Moreover, we are opening up doors to novel product applications and market development. And we love to hear your ideas that will drive our next developments!

Our 3D Printing Platform Capabilities

Design Guideliness

These days, we’re working hard to finish our new ‘Design Guideliness’. They will help you understand the “do’s & don’ts” with the services offered. Also, they teaches our users ‘how-to-design-for”. Soon, you will be able to download our Design Guideliness as manual for your daily design work.

Material Specifications

At Luximprint, we work with a variety of 3D print platforms that include a range of UV-curable acryllic resins, either translucent or tinted. As part of our overall ‘Printing Capabilities’, we aim to release a deeper ‘Material Guide’ that helps you understand the properties and performance of the materials we work with.

Please stay tuned to receive our capabilities, or just drop us an e-mail to get notified upon their availability!

Picture with main Luximprint Product Groups

Our Product Offering

Our products find their way in a variety of markets and applications and are mainly used in engineering or temporary project environments. Our main business areas are centered around:

  1. Textured Surfaces: clear, sparkling heavy textured surfaces in large or small format for architectural applications or tooling validation;
  2. Optographix: bright, colorful work incorporating full-color resins and clear textures.
  3. Optical Plastics: functional plastics parts as used for inspirational or functional demonstration of illumination based optics solutions, with surfaces smooth from the 3D printer!
  4. Mold Tooling: on the contrary to the before categories that include fabrication of the end parts directly from a CAD, for a minority of our users we also create the molds (negatives). This enables fast trial and error with different materials or, enabled by the surface smoothness, specialty objects with a smooth surface finish.

Soon, there will be a next new product category added… make sure you don’t miss it!

Product Sampling

As we speak, we’re building our new sample shop. Working with (new) digital technologies might be scary or overwhelming to you. We are aware of that! Although we do not offer any ‘standard’ or ‘off-the-shelf products’ (all our work is custom…) we’re setting up a small sample collection that represents our overall portfolio to give you a first feeling about what to expect when working with us. You will be able to source them via our shop shortly, stay tuned!

Well, we hope and trust that this small background story will contribute to an even better understanding of how we can support you on your next project. If there are any other questions or remarks, please don’t be afraid to talk back… We look forward to get connected!