Launch of Powerful Luximprint-Physionary Digital Design and Fabrication Technologies for Custom LED Optics

From September 25-27, 2018, lighting professionals witnessed the launch of a unique combination of digital design and manufacturing technologies during the leading lighting and technology event LPS 2018 in Bregenz, Austria. Luximprint, in its position as service provider for 3D printed optics and Physionary, a Dutch Optics Design collective known for its revolutionary ‘target-to-source’ design software, joined forces to show lighting design and engineering professionals a first glance of what they are working on when it comes to fast, flexible and cost-effective design and manufacture of custom LED optics.

Digital Design and Manufacture for LED Optics

The launch of the preliminary design and manufacturing services took place at the LED professional Conference and Expo in Bregenz, Austria, where both companies shared a booth location. Luximprint launched its additive fabrication services for custom LED optics, while Physionary took the opportunity to show the first results of its ‘Faceted Lens Technology’. Both digital technologies greatly combine, as they both aim to lower the bar for design and manufacture of tailored LED optics.

Image of Luximprint-Physionary booth at LPS 2018

The shared Luximprint-Physionary Booth at LPS 2018 telling the story of ‘Faceted Lens Technology’.

Rapid Optics Prototyping – Fast, Flexible and Cost-Effective

Luximprint proposed its additive fabrication services for custom LED optics for novel lighting system engineering. On the contrary to conventional optics manufacturing technologies, such as injection molding and turning technologies, digital fabrication goes directly from CAD-to-Optic with no need for manufacturing tooling. As such, no minimum order quantities apply (in fact’s, its 1 piece) and parts are ready in days, rather than weeks or months. Furthermore, the flexibility of the digital process greatly encourages ‘trial-and-error’ until the best optical solution has been defined, as now multiple pieces can be created at the same time at low cost.

Image of Optographix by Luximprint

Optograhix by Luximprint. Design by Luminous Concepts.

Optographix – Decorative Optical Plastics

In addition, Luximprint brought a new design experience to the table: Optographix. On the contrary to direct lens functionality, the colorful Optographix designs offer new ways of translating brand expressions or artistry through light. Having the same optical ‘sparkle’ but serving impressionist purposes rather than offering a functional performances, Optographix are a great tool to bring brand messages and designful artwork to live. Brand and interior designers have now a new way of transferring their messages in an impressive way.

Image of faceted lens beam forming 'light' typography

Faceted Lens – Design by Physionary and printed by Luximprint form ‘Light’ typography.

Target-Source Design Software – Simplicity and Efficiency

Physionary, on its turn, brought some ‘real-live’ lighting experiences to the scene. Visitors were able to create the light patterns they wanted by using digital design technology. The ease of use – in fact, the design is now only a couple of mouse-clicks away – was thankfully received by the many visitors that took the challenge of ‘becoming a lighting designer in minutes’. In fact, anyone is a lighting designer, isn’t it?

After finishing the ‘light-painting’ process, the images are converted into a CAD file and sent to the printer for fabrication. Finally, the user gets his custom LED optics delivered in days.

Image of panel discussion at Trends in Lighting / LPS 2018

The LPS 2018 Panel Discussions on the Future of Lighting.

From the show’s discussion panels about the ‘Future of Lighting’, it was clear that there is a great future foreseen for lighting design, and the powerful Luximprint-Physionary combination can add great value to it. Putting the light where you need it results in even better light scenes and a more efficient and responsible way of using light in projects.

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