Professionals from various disciplines within the lighting and high-tech industry shine a light on Luximprint’s unique optical 3D printing methodology. Learn from them how the additive process can help you save time and cost on your next optics development, while benefitting from the process flexibility, speed, cost-efficiency and new design options.

Printoptical Process | Introductions and Explanations

Printoptical Technology / Process Explanation

Process Applications and Markets, Sustainability

Process Benefits | Manufacturing Speed

Lead times in days, rather than weeks or months

Shorter Cycle Times, Faster Marketing

Process Benefits | New Design Possibilities

Designer Movie (Full version)

Full Design Freedom

Unique New Optics

New Design Space for Optics

Process Benefits | Flexibility in Iterations/Variations

No Upfront Investments, No MOQ

Freedom of Choice, no Design Compromises

Ordering Custom Optics on Demand

Process Benefits | Mass Customization

Mass Customization for Any Space

Mass Customization of Individual Lighting Products

Process Characteristics | Evolving Capabilities

Smooth Surfaces straight from the printer

Printoptical Technology | Future Perspectives

Enabling Software Solutions, Design Library

Revolutionizing Design in Lighting and Beyond

Making Light Tangible, New Ways of Using Light

 Applications | Product Examples (Facet Lenses)

Highlight Delft 2023 | Facet Lenses

 Applications | Product Examples (Surface Textures)

Crystal-like surface textures mounted over a backlit dichroic substrate.