LpS TiL 2019 Awards:  Luximprint & Physionary -get Best Startup Certificate for Additive Optics Design and Fabrication Technology

Last week, the lighting industry gathered together for the LpS/TiL/DALI 2019 conference in Bregenz, Austria. The event hosted over 100 presentations, workshops and panel discussions, where the latest trends in applications and technologies were discussed. One of the highlights was the ‘Get Together Event’ and ‘Award Ceremony’, where a total of 8 awards were presented to companies and individuals in acknowledgment of their achievements and dedication.

LPS TIL 2019 Awards

For the second time in a row, after the traditional cruise on the lake from Bregenz to Lindau, the gala dinner at the Eilgut Halle has proven to be a great place for the LpS & TiL award ceremony. There were 8 award categories covering ground-breaking scientific research through to solutions, designs and innovative applications to celebrate the complete spectrum of light.

In addition, this year in celebration of the 75th issue of LED professional Review magazine 6 people were honored for their significant contribution and influence on LpR Magazine.

Image of LPS TIL 2019 Awards Ceremony in Lindau, Germany

Over 300 people joined last week in Lindau for the official awards ceremony event.

Over 300 people joined last week in Lindau for the official awards ceremony event, we are proud to share the 2019 award winners with you:

LED Professional Review 75th Anniversary Appreciation Certificats

Mr. J. Norman Bardsley was one of the first readers and earliest supporters of LED Professional Review. He has contributed to many discussions and this award recognizes him for his experienced advice and willingness to always provide help and support.

Prof. Mehmet Arik, as a University Professor has been an indispensable scientific advisor. The organizers thanked him especially for his valuable contributions to the magazine and his expertise in LED lighting and thermal management.

Mr. Carlos Lee has tirelessly promoted LED Professional to the EPIC partners in the Solid State Lighting domain and his input into the LPR evolution has been invaluable.

Mr. Federico Galluzzi from Italian Lighting and Compolux. As a fellow magazine editor Federico has been a valuable partner and supporter to LPR.

Image of LED professional Appreciation Certificates

Image of the LED professional Appreciation Certificate professionals. Image courtesy of LED professional / Luger Research.

Mr. Marco de Visser as a blogger for Inspiration.Lighting and 3DPrinting.Lighting, business insider and company owner at Luximprint and Luminous Concepts, has championed the work at LPR and continuously informed them of the latest industry innovations.

Mr. Patrick Durand has kept the magazine abreast of the latest developments in SSL for use in technology, application, standardization or research.

The honored personalities received a certificate and an inventive outdoor headlamp, handed over by Arno Grabher-Meyer, editor-in-chief of LpR.

LpS Award 2019

The LpS Awards, presented by Arno Grabher-Meyer, were given to cutting edge technologies with the strongest impact on lighting, applications and sustainability:

Best Lighting Technology Winner: Seoul Semiconductor – SunLike
Whilst the SunLike is already an established product, it still has to be considered as the reference in the domain it has created. SSC has set a milestone with this concept, leading to a new era of LED lighting, and that SSC strives to not just advertise the benefits but proves them with scientific research results.

Best Application Technology Winner: GL Optic – GL RID one UV
For the second year running, a measurement tool will receive this award. Integrating UV in lighting application has become a new trend for some specific tasks and is not limited to a few industrial process applications anymore. Disinfection of workplaces with under-cabinet lights is just one example.

Best Sustainability Technology Winner: Nichia – “2-in-1” Tunable White LED with Single LES
Despite also being a serious candidate for the “Best Lighting Technology Award” this award honors additionally the remarkable achievement of Nichia in regards to supporting sustainable high-end solutions: An almost constant overall efficiency of about 170 lm/W in a wide CCT tuning range from 2700 K to 6500 K, the constantly high CRI of 90+ in a package size of 3×3 mm with a single LES are speaking for itself.

Image of LPS TIL 2019 Award Winners together

A fantastic group of Lighting Inventors, Pioneers and Supporters brought together at the LPS TIL 201 Awards Ceremony.

TiL Awards 2019

The TiL Awards, handed over by event organizer Luger Research in the person of Siegfried Luger, are given to the most outstanding creative, collaborative and innovative lighting applications across all industries and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

Best Lighting Design Award Winner: Glass Technology GmbH – LightGlass, the Fusion of Light & Glass
For several years we have read about “the imminent mega-trend” of integrating light in building structures, with the exception of some applications of Philips in reference projects, not much has happened in practice. This could change with LightGlass creating such a product available for any architect and project and we hope that this example may encourage lighting manufacturers and lighting designers to let the dream of building integrated light become reality.

Best Lighting Solution Award Winner: Samsung Electronics – PixCell LED
Until now, adaptive driving beam headlights are mainly used in luxury cars. While several manufacturers provide LED arrays where the LEDs can be controlled individually, Samsung has once again set a milestone by providing a system with more accurate separation of the individual pixels by reducing the optical interference to a minimum. This allows improvement of the contrast ratio and as a consequence this helps to minimize glare in High Definition Adaptive Driving Beam applications.

Best Lighting Project Award Winner: Lumitronix – Office Lighting with Belux’s Koi S Luminaire Using Vitasolis Technology
Biologically effective light, often included in the term of Human Centric Lighting, has received much attention in recent years as it influences the circadian rhythm, alertness and other psychological and physiological mechanisms in humans. The key for these effects is the presence or absence of the cyan light spectrum. Unfortunately, filling this gap with conventional methods causes either insufficient Color Rendering Index (CRI) or poor efficacy. Using Nichia’s Vitasolis solves this problem. Additional useful aspects to consider are dynamization and personalization, and the use of individually controllable and placeable floor lamps supports this.

LpS & TiL Best Startup Certificate

This year the committee wanted to champion new entrants to the market and create a startup award. Sarah Toward, marketing manager at Luger Research had the pleasure to congratulate the winners.

LpS & TiL Best Startup Certificate Winners: Luximprint & Physionary – Additive Optics Design and Fabrication Technology

The enthusiastic commitment of both companies to improve and ease the optical design process as well as looking for environmentally friendly solutions and processes, and thereby never forgetting the final requirement of providing adequate light for a given application, motivated the jury to assign this certification to the joint application from Luximprint and Physionary.

Entries for the 2020 Awards will begin in July 2020. More info on the awards and ceremony can also be found at the LED professional website.