OSA Continuum: Faceted Structure allowing White Light Beam Shaping

By September 2018, OSA Publishing launched a rapid-publication, Open-Access journal called ‘OSA Continuum’. The Journal welcomes contributions from the broad optics and photonics community and is compromised of research articles meeting OSA’s high standards for technical accuracy, scientific rigor, and presentation quality. Together with the University of Strasbourg, Luximprint publishes a new, inclusive research publication on ‘Faceted Structure allowing White Light Beam Shaping’ in this launching edition of OSA Continuum.

OSA Continuum – A transparent Peer Review Option

OSA Continuum will publish original research articles, results, reproducibility studies, comments and replies. A unique feature of OSA Continuum is the opportunity for authors and reviewers to agree to publish the peer review correspondence (decision letters, reviewer comments, and author response to reviews) associated with an article. This transparent peer review option is a first for OSA Publishing.

Facetted Lenses: Inspired by 3D printing and Printed by Luximprint

A new optical component of transmissive faceted structure that allows the reshaping of collimated white light beam is depicted and realized. After being illuminated, each facet element in the structure can slightly tilt along its own axes to deflect the incident light. The calculation of the tilt angles is made by a numerical approach, which is the inverse solution of the analytical relationships between the two-dimensional tilt angles of the facet element and the local coordinates of the outgoing ray on the target plan.

For a predefined illumination pattern on a fixed screen, the numerical computation of the 2D tilt angle matrix of the faceted structure is described. In the meantime, a Monte Carlo ray tracing program is created to calculate and verify the irradiance map, all compared with well-recognized commercial illumination software programs. Afterwards, the component was fabricated using innovative additive optics fabrication technology, inspired by 3D printing and proposed by Luximprint.

OSA Continuum Publication

The manuscript, a co-authored research article with the University of Strasbourg on ‘Faceted Structure allowing White Light Beam Shaping’, is published in the ‘Issues in Progress page’ of the first ‘OSA Continuum’, Volume 1, Issue 1, published on 15 September 2018.

The full article can be viewed online at the OSA Publishing Website.