New Disruptive Fabrication Technologies for a Novel Design Approach

Some manufacturing technologies and tools that were only used in pre-production or prototyping for a long time have become state-of-the-art for mass production today. 3D printing is one such technology. LED professional Review, the global information hub for Lighting Technologies, dedicated a 6-page article to emerging rapid prototyping technologies and how they affect the lighting industry, with a special place for printed lighting optics by Luximprint.

Emerging Technology Ignorance and Current Possibilities

Lighting Designer Ruairí O’Brien, stated that, in his opinion, ignoring those emerging technologies could include a significant risk for the business of traditional luminary manufacturers if they don’t adapt.

In response to his remarks, other specialists in the field, Claudio Pucci, Designer, and Eng.D. Enrico Cozzoni (PhD), senior scientist and aerospace engineer at Grado Zero Espace wrote an article to explain what state-of-the-art really is, what is currently possible, where the actual time limits are, and what the future prospects are.

3D Printed Optics for the Lighting Industry

Luximprint, a globally operating service provider for custom LED optics, offers its proprietary optical 3D printing technology as a service to lighting designers, OEMs and specifiers as a fast, flexible and cost-effective solution. Luximprint solutions are aiming to support its users in testing, validating and demonstrating novel optics designs before investments in physical manufacturing tooling are made. With just one step from CAD-to-Optic, inspirational and functional custom optics can be created to demand. All in just a matter of days.

This article was featured in the recent LpR issue #77. You can register for a FREE subscription at the LED professional website.