Photonics Event 2019: Introduction of Additive Optics Fabrication to European Photonics Master Students

At Luximprint, we find proper education of the next generation researchers, engineers and designers extremely important. Aside from achieving our business goals, we understand the need and responsibility of getting students and graduates involved in novel technologies for their future work. Last week, we spend some valued time with a group of European Master students to get them introduced to Luximprint 3D printed optics and Optographix.

Workshop 3D Printed Optics

Recently, we were invited to join the Photonics Event 2019 organized by Photonics Society Ghent in the iGent Tower. The Photonics event is an annually recurring program for the students from European Master of Science in Photonics – UGent/VUB that consists of various workshops given by different companies in the fields of optics and photonics and comes with an informal networking reception afterwards.

Promotional image composition for Luximprint Workshop printed optics at Ghent University

Printed optics at Ghent University proposed by Luximprint.

During the recurring workshop sessions, Luximprint demonstrated the capabilities with additive optics fabrication technology, as it finds its way in a variety of markets and applications through 3D printed optics and Optographix solutions.

Optographix: Color and Brilliance for Branding and Lighting Design

In addition to functionally printed optics, we’ve had some nicely designed Optographix solutions on display. Optographix, a unique combination of optical printing technology and color tinting, are a great tool for designers with light for branding and artistry purposes. Novel scenes for Light Festivals, Light Art, decorative lighting and also appealing branding solutions can now be created using the sparkling and versatile Optographix methodologies.

Image of Faceted Lens Technology by Physionary and Luximprint

New design and manufacturing approaches will lead the path to new applications in lighting design and application.

21st Century Optics – Faceted Lens Technology

Supported by the Physionary optics design collective, the possibilities with Faceted Lens Technology were demonstrated. Suresh Christopher, Sales Engineer at Physionary, introduced their novel 21st century design approach for custom optics as used in novel system and lighting design applications.

We cordially thank the team of the Photonics Society Ghent for hosting us, and wish all the students much of could luck in rounding off their courses!

Below you will find a photo composition of some of the greatest workshop pictures. Enjoy!