Optica Design and Fabrication Congress 2023

Optical design and fabrication play an ever-increasing role in our modern society as more applications for optics are developed, especially in the areas of imaging, sensing and illumination systems.

Additive Manufacture of Optical Components

Hot topics for the congress include the fabrication of optics by lasers, additive manufacturing methodologies (3D printed optics), the latest freeform optics design tools for illumination applications, micro-optics and the fabrication and use of optics from new materials, including the use of metasurfaces and other flat optical component techniques in advanced optical systems.

In-post image promoting Optica Design and Fabrication Congress in Quebec, Canada, 2023. Image courtesy of Optica.org

The Optica Design and Fabrication Congress offers new ideas and concepts for the shaping, smoothing, testing and manufacture of conventional and novel optics/optical systems finding applications in existing and emerging additive technologies.

Of particular interest is the ability to utilize modern design tools to reduce cost, augment manufacturability and enhance system performance. New materials and unprecedented capabilities to create and measure precise aspheric and freeform optical surfaces have created a whole new design space for imaging, while new computational tools have allowed more complex systems to be both designed and fabricated. These capabilities have extended to micro-optics, head-mounted displays and large optical systems.

Optica Design and Fabrication Congress Format

The Optica Design and Fabrication Congress will be presented as an ‘in-person-only’ meeting in 2023. Optica believes that there is genuine value in bringing the community together in-person to learn from and share with each other. This format places focus on the primacy of engagement, networking and interaction opportunities on-site.

More information on the event and paper-submissions via the official Optica website.