LED professional Symposium + Expo 2019: Lighting Technologies for Lighting Industry & Lighting Design

LpS (LED professional Symposium + Expo 2019) is Europe’s leading international lighting technologies conference and exhibition for lighting and fixture design, testing and manufacturing of novel lighting systems, controls and equipment for all industry areas.

Luximprint at LED professional Symposium + Expo 2019

The annually recurring event is top-listed on Luximprint’s event calendar. For years, the event has proven to be an excellent stage to present technology novelties and to engage with our pan-European customer base.

The audience, consisting of system engineers and a growing number of lighting specifiers, perfectly matches with the scope of Luximprint’s service offering.

In addition, its been proven to be a perfect springboard to launch novel product solutions and capabilities, such as Faceted Lens Technology and Optographix (soft-launch) back at LPS 2018.

Image of 3D printed Facet Lens by Luximprint

Faceted Lenses will again be one of the highlights of this year’s participation in the LPS event.

Luximprint Lecture

In addition to the expo booth, located at the main show floor close to the main entrance (booth location #S5), the Luximprint team will be hosting a lecture on “Rapid Optics Design and Manufacture for Future Proof Illumination Systems and Customized Project Lighting”. ‘Custom Optics Design’ and ‘Digital 3D Fabrication’ are hot topics nowadays, and a combination of two emerging technologies are set to overcome the bottlenecks in today’s optics design and manufacturing processing.

Please refer to the website of LPS to see the full Program and Schedule including the exact time and locations.

LPS 2019 Exhibitors and Sponsors Directory

Recently, the new Exhibitors and Sponsors Directory for LPS 2019 and TIL 2019 was

Concurrent Lighting Events

Trends in Lighting 2019 and the Dali Summit 2019 are other major lighting events organized by Luger Research that will be running in parallel, turning the location in an excellent platform for all sectors of the Lighting Industry.

We greatly encourage our followers and prospects in the region to join us for this next event and to experience the latest on printed optics and Optographix on stage. This time, we will be accompanied by two great pally companies, Physionary and Lightly Technologies, making the presentation more compelling and powerful than ever before!

Looking forward to seeing you at the LED professional event in Bregenz soon!