Luximprint Welcomes New Kapelle City Major 

After starting his installment as Major of Gemeente Kapelle, Constantijn Jansen op de Haar paid an introduction visit to various companies in the area to get a taste of the entrepreneurial spirit and to get a feeling for their activities. Amongst them were the Luximprint ‘Creative Factories’, home to Luximprint’s unique optical 3D printing methodology. The meeting was arranged and facilitated by our friends at MKB Wemeldinge. 

3D Printed Optics & Optographix by Luximprint

As a high-tech company specializing in the 3D printing of custom optics and Optographix, Luximprint had something in store to add value to his explorative journey. The team was honored to demonstrate some of our unique Printoptical Capabilities through a rich portfolio of customer work in the general lighting, automotive, and aviation industries.

Here are some images of the visit:

Printoptical.Art by Luximprint

Also, some of the latest artworks from our Printoptical.Art community were introduced. Pre-dating the actual Printoptical Art collection, over recent years, a large portfolio of colorful work has been generated by a variety of local and international artists. It added a colorful flavor to the overall journey.

We welcome Mr. Jansen op de Haar and wish him a great and prosperous time in wonderful Kapelle!

-> More images of the company tour can be viewed on the MKB web pages: