Major 2020 Lighting Events Postponed – How’s the Lighting Development Cycle Affected?

In view of the increasing spread of the coronavirus in Europe, various major event organizations decided this week to postpone their upcoming lighting events. Leading trade fairs for lighting design and technology are now scheduled to be held later this year, or are even delayed to 2021. For us at Luximprint, like many other lighting profs and folks, hugely disappointing. From a safety and security perspective, however, a tremendously wise decision, and we truly hope that those affected by the virus, will recover soon and life will return to normal in the time to come!

Covid-19 and the Lighting Event Postponements

For Europe based event organizations, the unexpected appearance of Covid-19 in Italy since last weekend demanded a new analysis of the situation. More and more travel restrictions are being put into place thus making it difficult for both visitors and exhibitors to attend the fair, today, and in the weeks/months to come. Therefore, various show organizers – including Messe Frankfurt and Luger Research have decided to postpone their next edition awaiting better times, or totally cancel them for the operational year.

Image of entrance Light+Building Frankfurt to illustrate article at on cancelled lighting event

Impression of the Light + Building Frankfurt fairgrounds entry. Image courtesy of Messe Frankfurt.

How it Affects the Lighting Industries’ Development Cycle

Postponing these major lighting events significantly impacts the way the lighting industry acts, at least here in Europe. Now, with also the  LpS + TiL 2020 cancellation, no more European-wide events remain. Some smaller, local lighting events may follow the approach, or decide to keep the lines open, due to the more limited and manageable risk of infection from abroad.

Light + Building – Worlds Springboard for Launching Novel Lighting Products

Typically, the Light + Building in Frankfurt became the major platform for lighting OEMs for launching new product inventions and improvements. With around 100K dedicated visitors showing up any edition, it’s been by far the best springboard for presenting next lighting collections, novelties, and product upgrades to an audience of lighting designers, specifiers and installers.

LED professional Symposium – Leading Trends & Technology Conference and Expo

LED professional Symposium in Bregenz, known for its outstanding technology and lecture program, as well as the affiliated designer event ‘Trends in Lighting’ follows in the footsteps of their bigger brother.

What’s interesting for now, is to watch the new product launches to come. The lighting industry has left no doubt that it absolutely needs this platform for doing business. Is the launch of new products delayed until the next event? Are other ways of publication such as roadshows, online showcasing, getting preferred?

New Lighting Products Featured in LpR Magazine!

The editors of LED professional Review already indicated that they would eagerly take the opportunity to function as a platform here, adding an extensive appendix to its on- and offline magazines for (soft)launch of novel products.

Image of Festspielhaus Bregenz for blogpost on postponed LpS-TiL 2020 event

The Iconic Festspielhaus in Bregenz, Austria, became home to the recurring LpS and TiL lighting events.

New Dates Set: Recurring Events in September 2020 and 2021

As an innovation forum and interdisciplinary market place, the current events not only facilitate business and making contacts but also helps ensure a sustainable and more healthy future of the industry. Accordingly, Messe Frankfurt wants to ensure that the opportunities created remain available to all market participants in this or the next season.

Therefore, Light + Building 2020 is being postponed and will be held in Frankfurt am Main from September 27 to October 02, 2020. The next edition of LpS/TiL is now scheduled for September 28-30, 2021.

We’ll be following the developments around the rescheduled events with great interest and still aim to be present with our printed optics solutions at both leading events!