LuxLive 2018 Reflections – An Event and Exhibit Packed with Exciting New Features and Innovations

LuxLive, Europe’s largest annual lighting event, attracted over 7,000 buyers and lighting professionals to its home over the last week. The exhibition featured over 230 big-brand exhibitors and arenas with rolling presentations, debates and demonstrations. The current event was packed with exciting new feature areas including a sports arena, safer cities conference, a town square and an innovation campus. Our LuxLive 2018 Reflections provide you with a glance of the show. Thanks for your read!

LuxLive – Innovation, Discussion and Inspiration

Organised and hosted by Revo Media Partners, LuxLive is a unique exhibition of innovation, discussion and inspiration which brings OEMs, architects and the lighting design community together to share ideas and inspiration.

Image of the LuxLive 2019 crowd

Crowded, interactive and full of discussions. That’s been LuxLive 2018. (Image courtesy of Revo Media Partners).

After the initial launch of the event eight years ago, the aim was to reach out beyond the lighting industry and lighting professionals to the key decision makers in commerce and industry. Looking at the numbers and background of the visitors, that worked out well to this very date! LuxLive 2018 was co-located with Lightspace.London, the meeting point of lighting and architecture.

Luximprint at LuxLive 2018

Luximprint Additive Optics Fabrication technology has been represented by the team of Lightly Technologies. A colourful tradeshow demonstrator, as created by Luminous Concepts to empower both Luximprint and Lightly technologies’, took a central and eye-catching position at the show. Optographix, as the name suggests incorporating colorful ‘optical graphics’, greatly combines with the ultra-flat and uniformly lit Hikari SQ panels.

Image of Luximprint Optographix Display panel at LuxLive 2018

The Lightly-Luximprint Optographix Display panel – amidst of wealthy flowers and worlds’ richest spirits…

With the aim to open up new market niches and inspire interior designers, decorators and lighting architects, the show turned into a very successful one. Using ‘light’ and ‘Optographix’ as a brand new medium opens up doors to applications that support or enrich a company or brand identity to its fullest. A combination with Lightly Hikari SQ panels – coming in a variety of colour temperatures and with more inventions on the rise – is still one of the most impressive applications to date.

With huge thanks to the team of Lightly Technologies for having us on display at LuxLive, we’ll continue the road at Luximprint with more corporate and public events in the time to come. Stay tuned!

Lightly.Tech Impressions

Here are some impressions of the Lightly booth #A24 that was located in the Lightspace Arena. We hope you find our LuxLive 2018 Reflections helpful. Enjoy and get inspired!