LpS & TiL 2018 – The Lighting Industry Is Repositioning Itself

In 2018, for the second time in a row, TiL joined LpS, extending the offerings of both to exhibitors, speakers and attendees. Interesting talks, panel discussions and networking opportunities brought insight to the current status of the lighting industry and showed some self-reflection and future perspectives at LPS & TIL 2018.

Physionary – Luximprint: A Powerful Combination

Arno Grabher-Meyer, editor-in-chief at LED professional, explored the exhibition floor for interesting products, joined several sessions and participated in a panel discussion. Via the link below you can read a summary of his impressions, with special attention for the joint Physionary-Luximprint capabilities in novel optics design and additive optics fabrication approaches.

Image of 3D printed optics by Luximprint at LED professional Expo 2018. Picture by Arno Grabher-Meyer

Three dimensional printed optics enable fast, flexible and cost-effective validation of novel lighting concept functionality. Image by A. Grabher-Meyer, LED professional.

The combination of Physionary’s unique optics design software solution, nominated for the TiL Awards, that simplifies the design process significantly, with Luximprint’s printed LED optics technology is an extremely user-friendly option for low to mid-volume projects.

Get access to the full LED professional magazine, or just download the concerning section with Luximprint mentions on page #79.

In addition, you can also read the LPS 2018 Review on our blog.