Kunststoffenbeurs 2021: Meeting Place for the Plastics Industry in the Benelux

On September 15-16, 2021, Kunststoffenbeurs 2021 will be the meeting place for the entire plastics supply chain in the Benelux. Today, a world without plastics is almost unthinkable. Thanks to the many possibilities and areas of application, millions of products with plastic roll off production belts worldwide every day. From daily consumer products, packaging to parts for machines and cars, plastic is incorporated in almost every product. Luximprint will join the event for a visit and lecture on 3D printing of functional and decorative optical plastics, as part of the main lecture program.

3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping

Developments follow each other in rapid succession, as do new optimization methods for injection molding, mold and machine construction, for example. Moreover, innovations such as 3D printing, in which more and more types of plastic filaments and resins can be used, offer new perspectives. For example, when making injection molds, prototypes and as a production method for series. The Kunststoffenbeurs offers a complete overview with a focus on new materials, machines and machine construction, cost price savings, optimization of production processes, product development and smart industry.

Luximprint on 3D Printing Optical and Decorative Plastics

Rapid prototyping of (optical) plastics through additive technologies is gaining momentum. Meanwhile, the benefits are widely discovered and adoption is taking place across a variety of plastics industry sectors.

On Thursday, September 16th, Marco de Visser will give a lecture on behalf of Luximprint about ‘Additive Fabrication Technology for the Prototyping of optically Functional and Decorative Plastics’. The session will focus on how digitally prototyped custom optics help to enhance development in terms of cost reductions, shortened cycle times, and faster marketing of novel high-tech solutions. Optographix, marketed through Luximprint’s decorative businesses, is a great tool to enhance brand awareness and create living spaces through modern light art and decorative panels and textures.

De lecture will be given from 15:05-15:30 in Room 3 ‘Bosch‘ and is freely accessible for any registrant. The program for the second day of the show can be found here.

To join the event and session for free, please register via the link below in this message.

Kunststoffenbeurs 2021 at a glance:

  • Inspiring exhibition floor with 250 exhibitors
  • 3,500 visitors
  • Extensive lecture program
  • Machine and various theme squares
  • International Meet & Match
  • Various side events
  • Innovation areas
  • Belgium Partner country

Kunststoffenbeurs 2021 running simultaneously with Materials+Eurofinish+Surface

Materials+Eurofinish+Surface 2021 offers product developers, product designers, engineers, R&D workers, production staff, materials specialists, and researchers one place to meet the entire value chain: from design and material choices to analysis and the actual coating technology.

Read more about Materials+Eurofinish+Surface or register for a free visit to Kunststofbeurs 2021.