EPFL Seminar on 3D Printed Optics

June 01, 2023 marked another remarkable day. On behalf of the Luximprint Team, Marco de Visser went to EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland, for the periodical seminar on the 3D printing of optics. During a 3 hours masterclass, EPFL students, professors and interested local entrepreneurs were aligned on the latest in the field of 3D printed optics.

Printed Optics in Education

Since its initial inception in 2009, printed optics have come a long way. Keeping track of the latest developments is critical for students in optical science. Before entering the work field, their EPFL program equips them to become true leaders in the field. Printed optics, thanks to its flexibility, manufacturing speed and versatility greatly adds to that.

Printed Optics, as a topic of key interest, is a deeply explored at the EPFL campus. The course on additive manufacturing for optics is headed by Prof. Christopher Moser and Prof. Juergen Brügger, two seasoned and highly commited EPFL professors.

Printoptical Community

Part of the lecture was a transfer of some practical ‘lessons learned’. Various customer and project cases were discussed in order to understand the importance of proper expectations management and problem-solving. Some practical ‘entrepreneurial’ practices and recommendations were shared accordingly.

The lecture ended with some ‘Optotainment’, including a dynamic ‘Printed Optics Quizz’ delivering some phenomenal winners.

Growing the Printoptical Community through education is an active strategy of Luximprint. Interested to join the community, or have our team organize a teaching at your premises? Feel free to contact us for the possibilities.