The Luximprint Brand Story: There is a (very good) Reason why we Exist!

Iconic brands such as Nike, Disney, 3M and Coca-Cola have long realized the power of their brand story to build a connection with their audience. High-tech companies like Apple and Microsoft possess brand stories that are legendary in their status. Although we’re way smaller and different, we have a great and authentic story to tell you! The Luximprint Brand Story is inspired by the experience and presence of our people who participate, create, connect, and develop the saga of our daily success!

The Luximprint Logo Symbolism

Take a moment to listen to our story, as told by the logo text and symbol. We’re not just another 3D printing service provider, there is a good reason why we exist…

Explanatory image of the Luximprint Brand Story and Logo Sybolism

The Luximprint Brand Story and Logo Symbolism Explained

Logo Symbolism – Light, Optics and 3D Printing

The Luximprint logo symbol is composed of many tiny droplets representing the core of our additive fabrication processes: ‘droplets-on-demand’. Positioning the individual droplets in a sun-like composition, they link to the function of the parts we prototype and the markets we serve: we provide functional and decorative optical plastics as used for illumination art, design and engineering purposes.

Image of full color stained glass window created by Luximprint 3D printing technology

‘Light’, ‘printing’ and ‘optical plastics’ are what make the world make go round for us!

Logo Colors – Balanced Creativity

The primary logo ‘color’ is ‘grey‘: a practical, neutral, balanced and always stable tint. It represents the base you can build upon, having Luximprint as your preferred prototyping partner.

In addition, we have some other flavours we can pick to demand, for example when we launch a specific campaign, design an exhibit. RGB colors – most commonly sun yellow or sky blue – may be added selectively to awake the emotional and creative character. They represent ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ light in the visible (day)light spectrum.

Image showing landscape with cool-warm sunlight color tones for support of Luximprint brand story.

Warm-cool daylight color tones – Landscape images at sunrise close to the Luximprint Creative Factories.

Where our optical plastics solutions mostly lean towards function and performance, in our Optographix products ranges it’s all about creating an impact. Here, the creative minds come to the scene, offering us their most designful art and design work for additive fabrication.

Logo Typography – Breathing Technology

The text logo has a stylish and clean ‘technology’ appearance. It may appear on our collateral, exhibits or web communications in combination with or without the logo symbol, in grey-white or white-grey contour. The bold ‘LUX’ and ‘PRINT’ characters emphasize the core of our existence, while ‘imprint’ links to the tangible impression we leave with our work and connects the dots.

Image for Luximprint blog telling the Brand Story and how we celebrate success

Together with our colleagues, friends AND customers, we celebrate our successes!

Logo Design – Passion, Unity and Celebration

The logo symbol has a circular composition and design. The design connects ‘passion’ for what we do, the ‘unity’ we form and reflect as a team and the successes we ‘celebrate’ with our team, connected designers and global customers. Their happiness and successes are ours!

The Full Luximprint Story

You can also read the full story explaining in more detail the problems we address in optical plastics prototyping in today’s conventional fabrication technologies.