Revolutionary Optics Design Approach by Physionary Selected for the LPS 2018 Award

We’re delighted to announce that Physionary, one of Luximprint’s preferred Optical Design partners, is nominated for the LPS 2018 Award. The LpS event brings together the greatest minds in lighting to tackle key topics of strategies and technologies. With over 1,600 trade visitors joining, a spotlight position at the event and the award celebrations certainly creates an impact!

Program for the LPS / TIL 2018 Awards

Physionary Faceted Lens Technology

Physionary’s nomination is directly related to the introduction of its novel ‘Faceted Lens Technology’: Splitting the light from a single source into hundreds or thousands of narrow beams of light, a giant leap forward in the functionality of creating single element lens optics.

Light Where Needed

The new approach of ‘Putting Light where Needed’ offers a totally new way to use light in a more responsible and appropriate manner. Designers with light can now take benefit of Physionary’s revolutionary design approach for shaping any light scenario that is wanted, no matter the light is used in a functional or decorative way.

Image of handheld faceted lens by Physionary and Luximprint

Effectiveness, anti-glare reduction and a much more efficient light distribution are key for this novel methodology, as it takes away the pain points in today’s lighting design process: waste of light and cumbersome blinding for human beings and animals. Thanks to the increased source efficiency, light fixtures can now be designed and used much more efficiently. In the near future, we will bring more news on Physionary’s revolutionary new approach for the lighting industry.

Visit us at LPS / TIL 2018

At Lps 2018, Luximprint and Physionary share a booth space together. Please feel welcome to visit us at booth #U19/#U20 to experience how ‘Additive Optics Design and Manufacture’ go hand in hand. No time for a visit? Please take a minute to read our latest article in LED professional Review 69 about ‘Additive Optics Design and Fabrication for Smart Lighting Systems and Tailored Project Solutions’.

Physionary team, we keep our tees and fingers crossed and greatly wish all your hard work will be crowned next week with this impressive recognition!

More information on the program and nominees can be found on the LPS/TIL 2018 Award pages.