Stage Lighting: Set the Right Mood for your Event

Stage lighting generally includes the lighting for the production of theatre, dance, opera and other performance arts. Several different types of stage lighting instruments are used in addition to the basic, modern stage lighting to enrich the overal scene or to create special lighting effects. Choosing the correct optics for your project is of great importance for the success of your event! 

Picture of Linear Wall washer by Luximprint including 3D printed spherical lenses

Stage Lighting Applications

Applications include corporate events, concerts, trade shows, broadcast television, film production, photography studios, and any other type of live events.  The equipment used can also be used in other lighting applications, such as event lighting and architectural lighting.

Image of 3D printed optics for stage lighting applications by Luximprint

3D Printing Optics for Stage Lighting

At Luximprint, we have the honor to work with local and globally leading stage lighting producers, including OEM manufacturers and designers. At high speed and low risk, the optical engineers are able to test, validate and approve the next stage investment in optics manufacturing tooling (glass or plastics), with out the costly commitments upfront.

By offering them access to our rapid prototyping services for LED optics, we enable quick trial-and-error with functional optics until the best performing solution is determined. 

Image of flys eye stage lighting optic by Luximprint

Typical 3D printed Stage Light Optics

Typical lenses we fabricate, either as individual lenses or as lens arrays, include fresnel lenses, TIR lenses, flys eyes, micro lenses and diffusor lenses. Beam angles, size and thickness may differ per project, as long as they meet our 3D printing capabilities.

In addition, we may create color lenses and other types of flexible, interchangeable optics that enables them to customize their lighting even per event edition!

Image of Fresnel lenses as 3D printed at Luximprint in wall washer application

Contact Us!

Our printing services let create you rapid prototyping of various optical solutions for trial-and-error purposes in only a limited time frame. Once you are interested to have your parts available in a fast, flexible and cost effective matter, please contact us!