Signal Lighting – Visibility and Safety Matters!

Signal Lighting covers safety, direction and warning signals in a broad range of applications, mainly found in automotive and railway industries. Also, airport lighting or other (sometimes hazardous solutions) might be included. At Luximprint, we offer additive fabrication services to anyone involved in the design and development of safety and visibility signs, for inspirational and functional prototypes. Our solutions are produced in a fast, flexible and cost-effective way and enable quick ‘trail-and-error’ during the engineering cycle!

Image of Lens Array with smooth and frosted surface finish for signal lighting applications

Signal Lighting Applications and Solutions

There are a few main application areas we see in signal lighting, including:

  1. Traffic Lighting: signal lights and variable message signs for controlling automotive and pedestrian traffic flows;
  2. Turn Signals: signal lights indicating change of direction in automotive lighting applications;
  3. Railway Signalling: use of signal lights to control railway traffic flows for trains, subways and trams;
  4. Signal Lamps: light devices for communication between ships (for example) with flashing lights.

In any of the above industries, we have projects going on on a frequent basis, and build a vast experience over the recent years, both from a design and rapid prototyping perspective.

We have the honor to work with OEM companies and designers in signal lighting solutions, ranging from small start-ups to world business leaders, and from federal organizations to commercial firms.

3D Printing Optics for Signal Lighting

Typical lens types we fabricate for signal lighting applications include lens arrays, including circular prisms (including fresnel lenses), linear prisms, hexagonal lenses, foreseen with an optically clear and smooth surface or frosted finishes (or a combination of both, in one single process).

Picture of 3D printed prism lens in clear and green color

Increasingly, we note the application of 3D printed reflectors and color lenses, matching some development areas where we at Luximprint has been progressing in significantly over the past months.

Optics Design Support

In most cases, our users deliver us with their own CAD files, in some cases however, it happens that we advise one of the (independant) designers from our Optics Design Hub to work together with our client directly and shape together the best possible solution. Apart from the optics design itself, they can do a great job on upfront simulatons and regulations check as most of them have far-reaching experience in vertical markets.

Picture of various 3D printed reflectors and color lenses combined

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