3D Printing Optics for Retail Lighting Solutions

When choosing the correct retail lighting solutions for your applications, you can create a compelling brand identity to engage and inspire shoppers. Light can support you to pull them into your shop with a dynamic  window and encourage them to browse with flexible lighting zones and displays that leave a lasting impression. 

Retail Lighting Market Expectations

Retail lighting is one of the most dynamic and vastly evolving segments of the general lighting market. Current LED market share (2016) in the shop application is estimated at around 7 percent and is expected to grow to more than 45% over the next year, increasing to as much as 70 % by 2020.

Although LED market share is anticipated to be higher than last year’s forecast on a unit basis, accelerated price erosion – especially in subsegments that are not very conscious of color quality – will overcompensate for this upside. The LED value based market share forecast has gone down from last year’s projection. We estimate a market size that is almost EUR 2 billion below last year’s value forecast for 2020.

Retail Lighting Solutions

There is a variety of retail lighting solutions that requires the highest standard in optical solutions. In most cases, spot-based lighting solutions are used to accentuate a certain display area or display items itself. In that case, a reflector unit as highly efficient optics type is a likely solution. For other purposes however, or as secondary optic combined with a primary optic, printed optics might be a very helpful and fast solution.

Although we do not offer our services to produce end-parts, we stack to rapid prototyping of illumination optics for functional design validation, our services might be of great help to define the best matching solution for your project. See it as ‘risk-management’ whereby possible optics solutions can be applied and tested in fast and cost-effective way, before taking a next step to costly and time consuming mold tooling.

Most products we help to improve include spotlights, track-mounted, semi-recessed or recessed, and linear optics for shelf lighting and display lighting.

3D Printing Optics for Retail Lighting

We have the honor to prototype a broad range of optics types for leading OEM lighting manufactures and lighting designers, including fresnel lenses, linear prisms and large-plate diffusors, among others.

Of special interest might be our new color lenses, whereby the effect of color filters can be easily replicated by picking a color from the light spectrum before printing the lenses: meat, fish, cheese or bread, there is a solution for any type of fresh food you want to stand our from your presentation.

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