Residential Lighting

The largest application market in general lighting, residential lighting, represents almost 40% of the total general lighting market (2011). The LED market share in residential was almost 50 percent in 2016, it is expected to rise to more than 70 percent in 2020.

Residential Lighting Market and Forecast

The long-term forecast reveals a high penetration value. This is driven by a short payback time due to a fast decline in LED prices. In some countries, the price of LED lamps is getting competitive with CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), which further speeds up the transition from CFLs to LED lighting.

Moreover, accentuated regulation roadmaps to phase out inefficient lightbulbs (particularly in China and Europe) contributes to and accelerate the LED market share in residential applications.

The forecast for overall market size (full value chain) was EUR 28 billion for 2016 and EUR 32 billion for 2020. Although the size of the luminaire and lamp market decreased, the market for lighting system control components compensates this.

Picture showing residential lighting setting with integrated 3D printed optics

3D Printing Optics for Residential Lighting

At Luximprint, we offer a broad range of custom solutions for residential lighting companies, both for functional and decorative residential lighting applications. Please refer to our products or services page to learn about our offering, or refer to our inspiration section to find out what projects we did for this particular lighting market area.

Typical (functional) optics we have prototyped for this particular lighting market segment include fresnel lenses, convex lenses, concave lenses, light guides and diffusors. For decorative lighting applications, Optographix are greatly enriching the ambiance of premises!

Contact us to learn more about the fast optics prototyping options for residential lighting!

Market Data Source: McKinsey and Company, ‘Lighting The Way – Perspectives on the Global Lighting Market‘.

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