Office Lighting

Office Lighting is the second-largest application market in general lighting accounting for around 15% of the total general lighting market (2011). The market share of LED lighting in the office application increases rapidly. In 2016, the amount of LED sources used was already over 30 percent, it is expected to grow continuously and close to 55 percent in 2020.

Office Lighting – Penetration, Savings and Investments

Nevertheless, LED penetration is facing certain barriers in this
application that prevent even stronger penetration levels. First, the office lighting segment is highly penetrated by fluorescent technology that already has a high efficacy. LED technology therefore cannot materialize the same savings potential as in residential lighting, where it competes with inefficient technologies, such as incandescent.

In addition to that, office infrastructure, including lighting, is usually maintained and managed by third parties, not the owner or tenant of the office space. As a result, the lighting technology purchase decision is not made by the party that pays the electricity bill. The lighting investment and the potential energy and electricity savings do not fall into the same pockets.

Office Lighting Markets Figures and Expectations

Analogous to residential, the long-term forecast suggests higher penetration than last year due to faster price erosion. This is mainly due to swifter LED price erosion reducing the size of the LED light source market, combined with a volume decline and a decrease in the size of the traditional light source market. The reason why the size of the LED lighting market in office is similar to that of last year is reallocation of the market for lighting system control components from traditional to LED.

Major market research companies, such as here McKinsey, assumed that LED office lighting is more suitable for lighting control systems than traditional lighting, and that the value of lighting system control components in LED is higher than that of traditional lighting due to the growing use of LED in high-end buildings going forward.

3D Printing Optics for Office Lighting

At Luximprint, rapid prototyping functional optical plastics as used in engineering applications for office lighting is one of the key areas of our business. Also thanks to the larger formats of lens plates we can handle, we have a proven track-record in creating prototypes for large lens plates, downlights, both with low and high design complexity.

Frequently used optics types are fresnel optics, diffusors, linear prisms amongst others.

Source: McKinsey and Company, ‘Lighting The Way – Perspectives on the Global Lighting Market‘.

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