Industrial Lighting

One of the most important aspects of any industrial area, be it warehouses, assembly lines, process areas or commercial complexes is lighting. As they mostly concern high precision work environments, the lighting solutions needed demand the highest quality and reliability as lighting has a major contribution to performance. Light contributes to productivity, creates safer environments and enhances efficiency while lighting up industrial work spaces. Here’s a quick cross-section of the industrial lighting market and applications.

Industrial Lighting Market Development

In facts and figures, the industrial lighting segment is the slowest mover in penetration to LED, with a LED market share around 20 percent (2016) and 40 percent in 2020 (estimated). Similar to office lighting, penetration is somewhat hindered for application-specific reasons. Again, existing and widely used technologies, such as fluorescent and high-intensity discharge (HID), already feature relatively high efficacy performance. The efficiency benefits of LED are therefore not as prevalent. However, there is a strong case for LED in some industry applications that require intensive effort when it comes to light source replacement, for example.

Industrial Light Solutions

When it comes to industrial buildings, safety is key for success. Warehouses need to shine as a beacon of safety and convenience, ceiling lighting that provides radiant, uniform illumination at the offices, and well-lit parking areas that let employees and visitors feel secure.

Typical lighting products as used in the industrial sector commonly include linear lights, floodlights, lowbays and highbays, LED tubes (explosion proof) and panels.

Industrial lighting solutions are closely connected to hazardous lighting and emergency lighting, as the industry requirements for safetely and robustness are key.

3D Printing Optics for Industrial Lighting

Additive fabrication of optical plastics for industrial lighting applications is something we task on from time to time. Our products and services aim to provide designers and engineers of industrial lighting equipment to do a fast and effective job, while significantly reducing the upfront development time and tooling cost.

Typical custom optics we fabricate include fresnel lenses, linear optics, along with various types of lens arrays.

Sources: McKinsey and Company, ‘Lighting The Way – Perspectives on the Global Lighting Market‘.

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