Street Lighting: For Security and Safety Reasons

Street Lighting, one of the largest application areas in the outdoor lighting space, commonly exists of efficient LED light fixtures that illuminate the street with high quality light in order to enhance the visibility and safety. On average, the applied luminaires show high optical efficiency, high optical utilization factors, low glare, and illuminate the street with high uniformity. Good street lighting is a must for drivers, riders, and pedestrians.

Street Lighting Concepts

The concept for an average street light solution is simple but effective: a cluster of LEDs with TIR lenses is put inside a reflective box, which is covered with a sheet of microlenses. Each individual TIR lens collimates the LED light for the microlens array. Finally, the microlens sheet uniformly distributes light into the street.

Image showing different lens arrays in outdoor circumstances for Luximprint Street lighting pages.

Street Lighting Applications

Street lighting fixtures may include light poles, lampposts, street lamps, light standards, just to name a few. Or low bay lamp standards as a raised source of light on the edge of a road or path. Modern lamps may also have light-sensitive photocells that activate automatically when light is or is not needed: dusk, dawn, or the onset of dark weather.

3D Printing Optics for Street Lighting

At Luximprint, we frequently task-on projects for outdoor lighting applications. Street lighting is by far the most popular outdoor application we support our users on these days. Mainly, this is because of the process benefits we bring for this particular application, more specifically large(r) format lens arrays that ease the assembly and significantly save on mounting time and cost.

Typical Street Lighting Lenses

Typical lens prototypes we have designed and fabricated include freeform optics, small TIR lenses, as single lens items or as larger lens arrays. To demand, the products can be coated (UV-coating) to enlarge the lifespan.

Image of Luximprint lens array with coating in outdoor environment to illustrate street lighting optics pages

Increasingly, the set-up includes a combination of both secondary optical plastics and 3D printed reflectors in order to achieve the highest possible standard in efficiency.

Optics Design for Street Lighting

Our connected designers, as you can find them listed in our Optics Design Hub, use the latest optical design and ray trace programs in optomechanical innovation, to take full advantage of 3D printed optics and plastics materials for exterior lighting applications. In case support is needed, feel free to reach out to any of them, or ask us for an introduction!

Contact us

At Luximprint, we offer a broad range of services to support the work of  lighting designers and manufacturers. Please contact us to learn about the capabilities for your custom project.

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