General Lighting

Roughly, general lighting is categorized into seven main application markets: one consumer area (residential lighting) and six professional areas: office lighting, shop lighting, hospitality lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting and architectural lighting.

General Lighting Market Segments

Residential Lighting. The residential application includes both permanently installed fixtures (such as recessed sconces, undercabinet lights, and residential outdoor lights) as well as portable plug-in fixtures (pendant lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps, for example). It also includes small-scale home offices and bed-and-breakfast accommodation/guesthouses that are similar in structure to residential houses.

Office Lighting. The office application includes lighting solutions for office buildings, healthcare institutions, educational buildings, and other buildings utilized for public or commercial purposes (including meeting rooms, workspaces, reception areas, hallways/corridors, staircases, restrooms, and basements).

Retail Lighting (aka Shop Lighting). This application consists of display lighting, decorative lighting, and general shop floor area lighting. The wide variety of products covered by this application – ranging from jewelry through to clothing, cosmetics, and food – require different types of lighting.

Hospitality Lighting. This covers general lighting for hotels, bars, restaurants, and cinemas. The hospitality application is often focused on decorative lighting and ranges from mood lighting to orientation lighting.

Industrial Lighting. This application consists of general lighting in production, assembly and storage spaces in factories, warehouses, indoor sporting areas, and halls. This includes downlights, linear lights, spotlights, high/low bay lights, and task lighting.

Outdoor Lighting. This application includes street lighting, highways, tunnel lightings, and other public and non-public outdoor areas, such as parking lots, low bays, and stadiums. Outdoor lighting has to fulfill three criteria: safety, security, and esthetics. Safety means adequate lighting for visibility, security is required as a deterrent to crime, and esthetics
is important to create an inviting, intimate atmosphere.

Architectural Lighting. This application is used for the illumination of building structures, with artistic integration of light source and architectural elements (including signage). Architectural lighting can be both functional lighting and decorative lighting, and can be applied both
outdoors and indoors.

Gadgets (such as flashlights) have been excluded from all applications.

3D Printed Functional Plastics for General Lighting Applications

At Luximprint, we offer a broad range of custom 3D printed solutions for all various lighting market segments. Please refer to our optical plastics pages to find out what typical product solutions we prefer, how we work, and why you should benefit from our additive fabrication processes. Alternatively, our services page will help you to understand how we can support you on your development work directly.

McKinsey’s Global Lighting Market Model

At Luximprint, we are keen to follow the McKinsey market model that was designed to capture the full lighting market for general lighting, automotive lighting, and backlighting. The model is differentiated by application, main lighting technologies, geographies, and value chain steps.

A full copy of the detailed lighting market report is available at the McKinsey website.

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