The Luximprint Brand Story

From our past history across various industries, including the lighting industry, optical industry and 3D printing industry, we understand the concerns of spending your time and financial resources efficiently and responsibly. How frustrating is it to see the time and money losses related to risky and time consuming mold tool investments during the development cycle. Or name the willingness to produce a part but have no suitable fabrication technology at hand. The challenges you face are very well known to us! Here’s our brand story, we’re there for a reason!

The Digitization of Plastics Fabrication

At Luximprint, we aim to overcome the challenges related to conventional technologies in decorative and functional optical plastics fabrication. By taking away the main bottlenecks in todays conventional fabrication processes, we provide the answer to many inefficiencies and impossibilities that occured in the past.

At the same time, we want to open up doors to new markets and applications, since we believe the future will be vastly different from today. Our ever evolving process produces rapid prototypes and small start-up quantities of decorative and optical plastics in a fast, flexible and cost-efficient way. Our solutions are used to create inspirational or functional demonstrators, for digital design validation purposes, or temporary project applications, such as events or trade shows. In some cases, we may also support our users with start-up series, depending on market application and requirements.

Enabled by our inventive additive fabrication services, and supported by our (independant) technology and design partners (as for example named in the Optics Design Hub), we serve users around the globe in a variety of industries, ranging from local start-ups to world leaders. Every day, with passion and joy, from the Luximprint Creative Factories here in The Netherlands.

Brand Story – Design and Symbolism

Our brand identity and logo reflects our core values. It is our strongest ambition to provide access to our additive plastics fabrication services to any engineer and designer in need for fast engineering or presentation samples, both inspirational and functional.

Here is a deeper explanation about the symbolism within our identity and company logo, let’s connect the dots!

Image telling the Brand Story of Luximprint

Tired about having the same frustrations in optical plastics fabrication every day? Want to create a difference with Optographix? Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly!